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Our Story

Adele is a behaviour specialist in canine behaviour. Adele initially set out to be a Clinical Psychologist and has a First Class (Hons) degree in Psychology. After working in schools working with children with behavioural struggles, she turned to Animal Psychology to see how animals in particular dogs, could work with children in schools to better their learning. Here she found her passion for dogs and working with owners to help better understand their furry companion. Adele's Dashing Dogs was born. Adele's educational background in Psychology enables her to delve into human habits which may be affecting your dog training journey as well as understanding the biology in particular hormones and how this effects dog behavour. Adele works largely to promote confidence in the owner so when situations arise, they know exactly the strategies to use. 


Owning seven dogs; a Siberian Husky, Skye; five Border Collies, River, Tide, Storm, Flame and Drift and a Cocker Spaniel called Aurora, has taught Adele a lot. These dogs are all highly driven and come with many strengths and weaknesses. They enjoy canicross, bikjoring, agility and scent work and her dream is to compete worldwide in agility! Adele is currently founding a new dog sport in the UK called Scent Hurdling which is super exciting!


Being a games based trainer prepares her dogs for the many adventures she goes on whether that is taking her team camping, hiking or settling in a cafe. Her dogs have all been trained through games based training, the same methods that you will be taught in her dog training 1-2-1s and classes.

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