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How do I prepare for my session?

Check out our welcome to Adele's Dashing Dogs pack 

What should I bring to my first session ?

Check out our What to Bring Checklist for your Training session.

Do I need to bring any special clothing ?

We all know what the British weather can be like. You may get wet and muddy while training so please dress accordingly. You will be moving in your session so make sure your clothing and footwear are comfortable. On the other hand it might be sunny, but I would always bring more layers to put on.

How do I get to Adeles Dashing Dogs ?


The farm is called Cowden Burn. Post code is NE48 3JE, but it often takes you past the field. 

From the south (A68 corbridge) 

When it says you're almost here, you come over Colt Crag Reservoir, then over a small blind summit,  after that there is a turn to the left at the bottom of the hill to the left- sign posted Birtley and Wark. There is also a sign for the pet crematorium. Go along there around 200 yards and it's the first right. The field is 3/4 up the drive on the left-hand side. Please stay in your car until instructed to come out. 

Or you can type Adele’s Dashing Dogs into Google maps and it will take you to the field near Birtley, Hexham. 

From the north, A68 (West Woodburn) 

Go passed where it tells you on the map. At the bottom of the hill there is a turn off to the right, sign posted Birtley and Wark. There is also a sign for the pet crematorium. Drive along there for about 200 yards and then there is a tarmac track on the right-hand side. The field is ¾ of the way up the drive. Please stay in your car until instructed to come out.

Do you have any rules for your classes that I should know about?

On arrival, remain in your car. This is very important; Adele may be training other dogs and we do not want to interrupt their session.

You will have time to toilet your dog in the session. Toileting of dogs must be done at the side of the field or in the lane outside of the field. There is equipment in the field which must not be urinated on. There is a £10 fine for any marking on equipment. 

Treat the equipment and ground in class like your own for example, don’t allow dogs to chew beds and dig holes in our grass. This is unsafe when we run our dogs in the sports that we offer as a service.

What are your training methods?

At Adele’s Dashing Dogs we are positive, games-based trainers. This means we use games to grow our dog’s in the right direction. We take our dog’s out of situations they can’t cope with, we reshape their brain’s through games that are specific to your dog training struggle and then we work with distractions at a distance and decrease that distance over time. Dog training is a journey, it is a rollercoaster but through consistency you will grow the dog you dreamed of having. 

In any of our training sessions, any aversive methods will not be tolerated. Your dog is communicating with you, take this as information and focus on what you do want.

Why join a membership scheme?

There are so many benefits of joining our membership schemes whether this is our Dashing Dogs Online Academy or in person membership. 

  • With any membership you will get an overview of the class and are set regular homework.

  • You will join an exclusive whatsapp group where you can post questions and videos for advice and feedback.

  • You will progress with like minded students

  • There is periodic planning and goal setting

  • Discounts on certain workshops

  • 10% discount with Rock&DogUK; 10% discount on HIK9 beds

  • Free access to our 2 hour, human only, Back to Basics workshop.

What training should I start with?

Before you start training whether this is obedience or a dog sport we recommend our free consultation we can discuss what you want out of training and point you in the right direction!

When/ why would you suggest I have a 121 lesson?

There are many reasons why a 121 lesson would suit you.

  • You are travelling to the area and staying locally for a holiday and want to visit us for some training

  • If you are apprehensive or nervous about joining a group class 

  • If you are new to training with Adele's Dashing Dogs and we need to assess your level then recommend appropriate training for you to join

  • If you can't attend weekly classes but still want to train with Adele's Dashing Dogs, 121 lessons can be booked to suit you and your schedule

  • If you own a difficult dog (nervous, reactive, aggressive etc.) but would like to start training with us. 

  • If you have specific goals you want to work towards. 

How do I progress with my training at Adele’s Dashing Dogs?

We recommend that you begin with our free consultation call, from here we can guide you into the appropriate membership package; this may be 121s or classes. From general obedience to agility and other sports training, there is a wide range of classes and workshops available for you. 

If you are interested, there is the Rockstar Award scheme whereby you can work through 4 levels of obedience. This will keep your driving towards owning the best dog for you! 

We have monthly Back to Basics human only workshops which is a great opportunity to evaluate your dog training journey and set goals for the future. 

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