Q- Is Adele's Dashing Dogs the right service for you?

A- I am an enthusiastic, loving person who will do my upmost to care for your dog and ensure that your dog has a range of exciting walks. I have a plethora of experience walking in Northumberland and I want to share these walks with 'man's best friend'. I am committed to providing a caring, professional and reliable service. I have always loved to play with animals so this is a great job for me- I get to give your dog the love and attention I would give my own. I have a First class honours degree in Psychology which has interested me to explore animal behaviour and therapy. 

I take dogs for walks in a range of places across West Northumberland; Corbridge River, Allen Banks, Dukes House Wood and Slayley Forest etc. Group walks are an exciting opportunity for your dog to socialise with an experienced dog walker. I have a passion for ensuring that your dog has the best time when they are with me.   


Q- What services do you offer?

A- Adele's Dashing Dogs offer various pet services such as dog walking, puppy and cat visits, taxi service, dog grooming and house sitting in and around Corbridge. I currently cover Haydon Bridge, Hexham, Corbridge, Riding Mill, Stocksfield and Humshaugh. If you are near these villages I will probably be able to cover your area so please feel free to email me or ring me. 
I provide dog sitting in the comfort of your own home. When you are on your jolly hols you will feel comforted to know that your dog (and house!) is being looked after with the upmost care and love. As well as your dog being taken care of, your house will be too! 


Q-How much does Adele's Dashing Dogs cost?

A-Dog walks range in length and can be walked in groups or one to one. 
Weekday walks start from £12.00 per hour.
Weekend walks start from £12.00 for one hour to £20.00 for the full day.
Additional dogs from the same household are half price. 


Q- What days do you offer dog walks?

A- Monday- Friday. However I will consider weekend walks and longer walks, please email me to discuss details. 

Q- Can I cancel or add a dog walk?

A- This is fine!! I understand that things crop up or plans change. If you could give me at least 24 hours notice that would be great. This allows me to change or adapt my schedule. During our initial meeting I will talk you through my cancellation policy but here's an overview. I must be told at least 24 hours in advance whether I am required to walk your dog. If I do arrive at your home and I'm not needed or can't gain access to your home for some reason then you will still be charged for the service to cover time and fuel costs.
If you do need to ring me my number is 07730358877, if I don't answer (probably because I'm either walking or in the gym) I will phone you back as soon as possible. 


Q- I don't want my dog walked in big groups, what is your group size? 

A-I am insured to walk dogs in groups these are usually up to 6 dogs. It is important for the group to get along together so all the dogs get a great dog walking experience. In our initial meeting your dogs personality will be discussed along with how well they get along with other dogs. After I have met your furry friend I will be able to put him in the right group. 

I do one to one walks as well for those dogs that don't get along with other dogs and puppy visits who need that extra TLC when you are away at work.


Q- Do any of the other dogs you walk have behaviour issues?

A- All groups are put together in a specific way to ensure that all dogs get along nicely and have a fantastic time. Any dogs with behaviour issues are walked one to one and would never be put in a group. 

Q-Are dogs allowed off their leads during walks?

A-This will be discussed in our initial meeting. If you have given signed consent and I feel comfortable with your dog being off the lead then this will happen.

Q- Can I go for a trial walk with you?

A- Sure! Come along and see what I do. This is a great chance for you as a dog owner to see how I interact with your dog and if they get along with me! You might also learn a new walking route for you and your dog to enjoy together. 

Q- Do you have dog walking and sitting insurance?

A- I do, this is important to give yourself, a dog owner, peace of mind and it means that any medical conditions or injuries covered by my policy will be treated. I am covered by Protectivity, it is a comprehensive pet business insurance that covers; property damage, lost or theft of keys, care, custody and control of animals. For greater detail on this insurance please get in touch and I can tell you more.