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We are games based positive dog trainers at Adele's Dashing Dogs!

We work with a range of breeds and ages of dogs, covering a range of behavioural struggles from loose lead walking to barking and lunging at dogs.

With Adele's knowledge from her First class (Hons) degree in Psychology as well as her Pro Dog Trainer qualification she will be able to support you and prescribe games to help your dog owning dream become a reality! 

Receive a personalised plan to work towards your dog training goal. Our 121 sessions are really popular covering dog-dog aggression, separation anxiety, resource guarding, recall, chase struggles and many more struggles.

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Through our Life Skills classes you will understand your dog so that your relationship with your dog will be unbeatable. Our games-based methods will conquer your dog training struggles such as loose leading walking, chase and recall so that you can have the dog of your dreams.


Learn to harness your Gun dog's true potential through building passion and drive! Use your dog's want to work to have fun! 


Do you live too far away? Do you want to train at home? Do you want to learn something new? or do you want a video overview of all the games we play in class and on 121s.

Check out our online training videos. 

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This is a brand new dog sport in the UK. Imagine flyball with a sniffy difference. You are in a team of 4. Your dog jumps 4 hurdles and retrieves a dumbbell that is scented by you and retrieves it back over the hurdles. 

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Agility is so much fun. There is a lot to learn but seeing the happiness and joy in your dog when running around a course is addictive. Once you start agility you won't want to stop. 


These sessions focus on a particular struggle and go in-depth leaving you with the knowledge to go away and train with confidence. 

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