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Scent Hurdling UK

Scent Hurdling UK is a new dog sport in the UK; it's like Flyball but with a sniffy difference! 

We are Scent Hurdling UK qualified instructors- the first ever qualified instructors! 


Most of us have seen or understand the concept of flyball- a race that has a team with four racing dogs that race through a series of jumps to retrieve and return a ball to each dog’s handler. Scent Hurdle racing is like flyball except that, rather than retrieving a ball released by a flyball box, the dog identifies and retrieves a scented dumbbell. The two teams, of four dogs each, run against each other in the relay, over the jumps (hurdles) to reach the dumbbell platform at the end that contains four dumbbells, one of which has the dog’s owner’s scent on it. Once a dog picks up its dumbbell, that dumbbell is replaced with a “dummy” dumbbell so that each dog needs to find its dumbbell out of four options inside the box. The team that gets all four dogs with their dumbbells over the finish line first, wins the race.

Our rules and regulations can be found here.



SHUK is very much in its infancy which is very exciting! We are registered SHUK trainers!

What do you expect when you come to class?

Don't worry, your dog doesn't have to be able to take jumps, retrieve or even know how to scent things this is all taught through your scent hurdle classes. All tasks will be delivered using positive based methods.

You will be given a set task to work on each week in between classes.


In class you will work towards

  • Your dog being able to differentiate your scent from other scents

  • Teach your dog to go from you and return over the hurdles

  • Have your dog bring your dumbbell back over the hurdles

  • Work with the distraction of the other dogs running. ​

  • To grow confidence with being handled by other people

  • To have focus and off leash reliability.

In order to run a safe class 

  • Your dog must be able to cope with other dogs (please message us as we always try and accommodate all dogs)

  • Be able to have recall around distractions.

  • You must of completed our foundation life skills course in order to join.

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"The thing I love about Scent Hurdling is that you have the excitement of the race over the hurdles combined with a skill set that requires the dog to think. Both are things I love to train. I started with Ava when she was 10 months old. We started with teaching her to pick up a dumbbell and retrieve it. At the same time we started asking her to discriminate scents with a bit of scent geocaching and short searches at home. Being an agility trainer I was confident I could teach her to hurdle, but I needed to be taught by Adele how to teach her to locate specific scent. Fair to say, being a collie she didn't find the retrieving the dumbbell rewarding at first! There is no retriever in her genetic make-up! I spent some time building value for that and now she can send over four hurdles, pick her own dumbbell out of a choice of two and retrieve it back over the hurdles. "

Janet & Ava


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