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Agility is a fun and fast-growing dog sport! In Agility the handler directs a dog over and through obstacles in a race for both time and accuracy. From the start you will have a solid understanding of foundation behaviours and skills. Your dog will have the confidence around and, on the equipment, - this is paramount to our training. Above all the relationship you grow with your dog is amazing through this sport! 


Drive, fun & fast!

Agility is a lot of fun and there is a lot to learn. Your dog will be able to control their excitement levels, be able to listen when excited, build drive and through all the training the relationship you grow is unbeatable.

Before attending any agility class or workshop you must of completed our foundation life skill course. 


What skills will your dog grow?

  • Your dog will learn to focus and engage with you in a very challenging environment

  • To have your dog off lead

  • You will build drive in your dog

  • Your dog will learn to retrieve

  • Most importantly you will boost your relationship and grow as a team whilst having so much fun!

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