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Dog Training Foundation Videos!


This is our exclusive training page for those that are interested in Adele's Dashing Dogs training. 

Take your time to watch the foundation videos- this will support your dog training journey. These are the fundamental theories underpinning Adele's Dashing Dogs training. 

Select a training video below.


I always ask myself am I growing my dog in the right direction? Is the situation they are going to be in right for my dog and will it benefit them.

Calmness Triad

We want our dog's to be calm, some dog's don't know calmness exists. This is how we grow it.

Ditching the Bowl

How can you use your daily food allowance to reward the behaviours you want? The more you reward your dog for the behaviours you want, the more they will do that behaviour!


This is stage 1 of growing boundaries. This skill is so crucial for dog's to learn to settle, to regain their focus and so many more reasons! It takes time to grow these. You can't expect your dog to stay on their beds straight away. Top tip- vary your boundary, the more boundaries you use the more they will generalise the skill.

Are you ready to start your dog training?

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