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Puppies, puppies, puppies- what an exciting time! You have got a new family member who is ready to learn. Give them the gift of GAMES! Start your puppy journey the right way. Here at Adele's Dashing Dogs we focus on your relationship to grow your puppy in the right direction. Our games will equip your puppy to make the right choices, to grow calmness, control, focus and engagement with you! 


What do we offer?

To set your puppy and you up for success we recommend you have a free consultation with one of our team. After we can set you up in one of our puppy packages.

Puppy package course

  • 1 x 121 

  • 6 week puppy course in a class environment 

Monthly 121 package

  • one to two in person 121s a month

  • Video notes after each session

  • Video feedback between sessions

  • Unlimited Whatsapp support

  • Unlimited access to our online Dashing Dogs Academy

  • Access to our exclusive facebook support community


What do we cover in puppy training?

It is so important to us to build a great relationship with our puppies, so we start here. Through the games our recall is boosted, our focus on walks is fantastic and our loose lead walking is fun to teach. We do like to grow calmness in our puppies so that they can cope with dog-dog greetings, people coming into the house and many more situations. 

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