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Gundog Class

Positive games based methods to teach Gun Dogs! Surely you can't have fun and have an obedient gun dog?!

Through positive, games based methods you will be able to teach your dog to retrieve dummies, send them in different directions, a bounce back recall and stop them on a whistle!

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Gundog Class

Learn to harness your Gun dog's true potential through building passion and drive! Use your dog's want to work to have fun! 

Do you want to know more about your gundog's breed traits and how to harness this and ultimately boost your relationship! So what if you don't have a gundog breed- do you want a rock solid retrieve or a dog that can recall and work with distractions! 


What skills will my dog grow?

Class is just where this journey starts, you will be given activities and games to play in class and take away.

We suggest working and growing passion and drive first. Once the dog has drive to work for you hen we can grow grit in our dogs. we love to give our dogs little wins! This encourages our dogs to want to work with us and motivates them well!

  • You will grow a dog that can work and focus on you when other dogs are around

  • That can retrieve at various distances

  • That will listen to directional cues

  • That will stop and recall to a whistle

  • Through the postitive games based methods you will grow a relationship like no other!

Class Schedule

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