Adele Kirkup
Certified Pro Dog Trainer



Adele's Dashing Dogs is a dog walking & training service based in Hexham.

Adele's Dashing Dogs provides group dog walks to Hexham and surrounding villages.
Adele prides her business on offering walks with the right socialisation and training for each dog.
In the initial consultation with owners your dog will be allocated to a dog walking group
which will allow your dog to excel and have fun on their walk. 

Do you need help training your dog? Adele is a Certified Pro Dog Trainer, she offers a range of classes,
1-2-1s, workshops and packages that will support your dog training journey.
Adele is a games based concept trainer-she works with an abundance of breeds and has a plethora
of experience. All dog training journeys start with a prescription of games to play
so be ready for a boost in relationship between you and your dog.

Adele owns a Siberian Husky, Skye and three Border Collies, River, Tide and Storm. These dogs are all
highly driven and have taught her a lot! Adele enjoys Canicross, Bikjoring, Agility and
Scent work with her dogs! Her training prepares her dogs for the many adventures she goes on
whether that is taking her team camping, hiking or settling in a cafe.
Her dogs have all been trained through games based methods that you will be delivered
in her dog training services. 




Adele is a Certified Pro Dog Trainer - what does this mean?

Adele encourages taking your dog out of the environment they are struggling in and reshaping your dogs brain in order to cope with those environments in the future.

Through games based training you can turn your struggle into a strength whether that is pulling on a lead, lunging at another dog or barking at distractions in their environment.

Adele has a supportive, enthusiastic community of dog owners that believe in getting real life results through fun, inspirational games rather than force and intimidation. We are Gamechangers! 


Adele offers a range of dog training classes, workshops and 1-2-1s that will suit you and your dog's needs. 


Adele’s Dashing Dogs understands and respects the unique bond between you and your dog.


As your partner in pet care Adele’s Dashing Dogs will organise a meet and greet with you and your dog. This is of upmost importance as Adele’s Dashing Dogs takes the time to learn your specific commands, walking style and behavioural traits making the transition from owner to one of Adele’s Dashing Dogs team somewhat a smooth one. This personalised attention gives your pet what they deserve; comfort, care and fun. 

All walks have elements of dog training and appropriate socialisation so all dogs on  walks have a fun-filled, enjoyable experience.











Hexhamshire, Low Quarter


Monday - Friday 9:00 - 20:00

Saturday 9:00 - 17:00

Sunday 10:00 - 15:00 



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