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What is Reactivity? A dog that has a greater than 'normal' response to a distraction whether that is a noise or a person. With one of Adele's Dashing Dogs instructors you will transform your struggle into strengths through positive games-based methods. Say goodbye to stressful walks and a negative relationship- welcome a new, fun filled way to train! 



Dogs who have certain struggles for example, may not be comfortable with people or other dogs can be challenging. However we LOVE them! We have owned several Naughty but Nice dogs so don’t worry we understand what you are going through. Some of these dogs may come across as confident as they are barking and lunging towards distractions, but this often comes from a lack of confidence. Do you struggle to walk your dog? Do you worry what is going to happen on your walk? Do you avoid seeing people and dogs on your walks? You are in the right place!


We have transformed many owner’s struggles through our 1-2-1s and Reshaping Reactivity class. Here are some of the struggles we can help you with:

  • Running over to other dogs

  • Growling, lunging and barking on lead

  • Refusing to walk

  • Over excitement and jumping at people

  • Barking at noises

  • Chasing cars, joggers, wildlife and livestock

  • A dog that is very aware of life

  • Separation struggles and leaving your dog at home

  • Travelling calmly and safely



  • Working in different environments for real-life results

  • Learning and practicing out & about strategies

  • Understanding your dog’s body language

  • Motivating your dog and using appropriate rewards

  • Working with stooge dogs

  • Playing games that will bring out the best in your dog- some in your sessions and some you will get to take home

  • Working on your mechanics out of the situation

  • Going home with a plan!


We run weekly classes aimed at different levels and abilities of dogs (see our timetable below). We run a Rock Star Awards programme where you can work towards a set of goals.


The first award is Rising Star and you can progress right through to our Rock Star Level. By coming to Reshaping Reactivity classes and signing up to the Membership Package you receive:

Regular homework and overview of class in a whatsapp group

Progress along with other students in the class

Periodic planning and goal setting

Discounts on certain workshops

Free access to Back to Basics- our monthly 2 hour class!

Last but not least, you will have access to our amazing Adele’s Dashing Dogs facebook group, which is a private group. Here you can ask questions, receive useful tips and post your progress videos here.


In order to join our Reshaping Reactivity training, you will need to purchase our 1-2-1 Initial Consultation Package as a starting point. The 1-2-1 Initial Consultation will prepare you and set you up for your class.

After your 1-2-1 you will have various options for training- 1-2-1s, class or our behaviour program (see below). 



After your initial consultation if your dog has behavioural struggles you will be offered our 4 week behavioural programme. This includes 4 1-2-1 sessions, sexier than a squirrel course (an online course comprising of 30 dog training videos) and an invite to our 2 hour back to basics workshop. 

Steph & Tyson have been training with Adele's Dashing Dogs for a while now. They have 1-2-1s and attend our weekly Reshaping Reactivity class.

Tyson's struggles have been a rollercoaster of a ride. However through training Steph has the confidence to go into any situation I put her in and manage Tyson well. Tyson still struggles with dogs but at a distance can listen and work with Steph.

These two are GAMECHANGERS!


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