Life Skills is such a fun class to be in! This class will help you teach your dogs to be a well-mannered and happy dog- most importantly have the dog of your dream! Life Skills cover a multitude of real-life scenarios and exercises. Skills include recall, stay, greeting people and dogs politely, food manners, comfortable being handled and groomed, walking on a loose lead, crate and boundary training, relationship building and a confident dog!​​



These are just a few examples of the skills covered in class, they are all taught using positive, reward -based training methods. In every class you come to the underlying theme is to build a happy positive relationship between you and your dog.


Life Skills runs on a Wednesday at 17:30- 19:00.

Class is just where this journey starts, you will be given activities and games to play in class and take away for homework. We suggest working at level 1 until the dog and you know the game very well. If we work in small steps first this is setting you and your dog up for success- we love to give our dogs little wins! This encourages our dogs to want to work with us and motivates them well!



Our classes are small so that you get the most out of our trainers- ask questions we love them! This is a time to work in a controlled environment with distractions around and receive feedback on your training. It is a great opportunity to be with like minded dog owners who want the most out of their relationships with their dogs.


We run weekly classes aimed at different levels and abilities of dogs (see our timetable below). We run a Rock Star Awards programme where you can work towards a set of goals.


The first award is Rising Star and you can progress right through to our Rock Star Level. By coming to Life Skills classes and signing up to the Membership Package you receive:

Regular homework and overview of class in a whatsapp group

Progress along with other students in the class

Periodic planning and goal setting

Discounts on certain workshops

Free access to Back to Basics- our monthly 2 hour class!

Last but not least, you will have access to our amazing Adele’s Dashing Dogs facebook group, which is a private group. Here you can ask questions, receive useful tips and post your progress videos here.


In order to join our Life Skills training, you will need to purchase our 1-2-1 Initial Consultation Package as a starting point. The 1-2-1 Initial Consultation Package will prepare you and set you up for your class.

After your 1-2-1 Package you will have the option to sign up to one of our membership classes or pay as you go. To receive the above benefits a membership must be purchased.