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Soft fleecy folds which fit all shapes and sizes of noses! Level of difficulty can be changed depending on number of treats used or how deep the treats are buried. Fully animal proof - can be used for cats, guinea-pigs, rabbits even horses!  


The Snuffle Muzzle range is GREAT for enhancing a dog’s natural ability to sniff. They are using their greatest sense; their nose! Your dog will gain huge satisfaction through the snuffling and sniffing behaviour. The aim is to have a calm dog engaging in a natural behaviour. 

The Snuffle Muzzle range is designed to be an 'easy to get' puzzle with minimal levels. These activities can...  

  • Promote calmness after an exciting event e.g. a walk or play time 

  • Provide a distraction during waiting (e.g. vets) or in other situations (e.g. people entering the house) 

  • Be fun! 

Our goal is to have calm and concentrated dogs. To support this, we as owners need to be aware of our own behaviour. As an owner try to stay calm, talk little or not at all, let your dog finish the puzzle themselves. 

Why Calmness during puzzle time? 

Calmness promotes thinking, focus, concentration and efficient use their fine motor skills. If a dog is (over) excited, frustrated, happily bouncing around, annoyed or displaying another emotion that increases his energy levels, he loses all his skills to be able to engage with the puzzle.  

How to use the Snuffle Muzzle Range 

Start easy!  

Use a few treats (or kibble) and place them on the outer layers of the activity. Encourage sniffing by pointing treats out, try to prevent destructive behaviour e.g. shredding of the puzzle (may be a sign that the puzzle is too hard). Once the dog has found all of the treats put the activity away. Play the puzzle frequently when you first receive your puzzle so they associate sniffing with the reward of finding the treats.  

Always supervise your dog during the puzzle to prevent your dog from swallowing something or the puzzle being destroyed. 

What can the Snuffle Muzzle Range Train? 

  • Self Control- your dog should sit and wait whilst you fill up the puzzle, then release on a cue 

  • Recall & Disengagement- call away from the snuffle activity  

  • Distraction- dog reactive? Grooming? Vets? People entering your house? 

  • Slows down fast eaters 

  • Energy zapper- 15 minutes of sniffing equates to the same calories burned on a 1 hour walk 

  • Dog on rest, injured, recovery- provides enrichment in their confined or limited space 


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