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If you are coming to Cowden Burn Farm you can purchase 1-2-1s by the hour!

Whether you are wanting to join a course or a class you will need an initial consultation first. If 1-2-1s are suggested after your initial consultation then these can be booked in. Behavioural 1-2-1s are £60 an hour.





New clients must have an initial consultation before booking classes, courses, 1-2-1s or any of our packages. The assessment process is around 1 hour and we gather all the information we need including what you would like to achieve, previous training and history of the dog. From this we can this devise a training plan and suggest appropriate training for you and your dog. You will receive foundation training to go and practice. 



WHY HAVE A 1-2-1?

If you are travelling to Northumberland and staying locally while on holiday and want to visit us for some training.

If you are worried about joining a class and would rather have a 1-2-1

If you don’t know where to start in dog training and need some direction

If you can’t attend any of our weekly classes but still want to train with us at Adele’s Dashing Dogs, 1-2-1 lessons can be booked to suit you and your schedule

If you own a dog that struggles with their environment (reactive, nervous, over-excited, aggressive etc.) but would like to start training with us. You may need a few 1-2-1s before you join a group class.

If you have specific goals you want to work on or need help to set goals or work on a specific area for you and your dog.


Our personalised 1-2-1s may be the only training you do with us, or you may have these on top of your weekly classes.

You can add on a written plan and follow up call for £40. Our follow up call will ensure you are on track and push your training on further.



Bring your dog hungry to your session, our training is based on positive reinforcement, and we use food as a reward during training sessions.

We Ditch the Bowl with our dogs meaning we train with our dog’s daily food allowance so if you are having a morning session bring your dog’s breakfast or an evening session bring your dog’s dinner.

Your dog can have a light exercise or toilet break before your 1-2-1 but the 1-2-1 session will be a good workout for your dog both physically and mentally.

As well as your dog’s kibble, bring along a variety of treats (e.g. cheese, ham, sausage, chicken)- anything that your dog LOVES!

Bring a toy that your dog loves to play with, we use Tug-E-Nuff toys- ours love the sheepskin chaser tugs!

Bring a crate or bed to your training session, if you have one, these really help out sessions – HiK9 have some great beds!

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