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Where it all started!

I am nearly into my second year of owning Adele’s Dashing Dogs and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I LOVE it!!

Where did it all start?

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work within Psychology. I excelled at this subject at university and put all my theory and plethora of experience to practice in school-based jobs. I loved working with the kids and I still miss them to this day. However, it was not right. I was in many incidents at school which were emotionally and physically challenging. After finishing work one day, I drove an hour back to the gym in Hexham, I walked in and announced to my friends “I’m leaving my job and becoming a dog walker.” You should have seen their faces! I have loved the learning curve of owning my own business and if anyone ever wants help with setting one up or just bouncing ideas of each other, drop me a message! Here I am two years later with dogs to walk and train and now a Puzzles for Paws shop! I can’t express enough how happy I am. If you are reading this and you are scared to make the move to a new job or ditch the salary and go self- employed, I say do it! If you have the right dedication and passion you won’t fail!

As for Psychology, I use it every day- I always say that dogs are like children anyway!

I’m excited to start blogging! Again, I’ve never done anything like this but I want to share my dog walks, walks around the country (yes, it will be the Lake District), tips around dog struggles and why I LOVE dog enrichment!

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