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Testimonial day!

Today filled me with such a sense of achievement and happiness towards my clients. I filmed a few of my clients talking about their experiences of training with me and how they find games based concept training. I didn't expect the responses I got and how much I have helped so many of my clients and their dog training struggles.

I am so proud of the community I have grown, this is one of my businesses strengths. I can always rely on them supporting each other through the good times and especially the not so good times.

Some of my clients are still with me from when we were dog training in a small unit in Hexham. It was good to hear about how much progress and what they have overcome since then in their dog training journeys. Here's a testimonial from one of these people;

"Hi, I'm Anthea. I've been doing games and concept based training since 2011 and I am confident in the results I've had with multiple dogs. I chose Adele's Dashing Dogs because she was PDT qualified in games based training. For Katy, my youngster, who was a timid pup but through games, I had got her to the point where she was ready to test out being in a small group class with other dogs. It was an excellent class and un in a way that gave me the freedom to work safely around other dogs.

On my first attendance at Adele's Dashing Dogs, I could feel in my bones that Adele was a great trainer of people- the key to helping folk with their dogs. At the moment I am doing mantrailing, I love games based training because it helps their owners understand concepts which become transferable to multiple situations in real life, rather than a behaviour imposed on them by force or bribery. In other words, it builds a fantastic relationship that creates joy for recall, retrieve and the owner and dog making a real team.

Katy's biggest improvement is that she now sees other dogs out and about as none of her business where she was previously nervous.

Since those days at the racecourse, Adele's abilities have grown exponentially. I've watched dogs and owners progress by leaps and bounds, some now competing and winning in agility. I love the diversity of classes encompassing everything from reactive, scared dogs, to scent and agility.

Whatever your dog training needs, Adele's Dashing Dogs has it covered!"

Just hearing some of people's thoughts, loves and wins with their dogs today has been amazing. I want to be able to spread that to those who are currently struggling with their dogs!

If distance is an issue we have a brand new online academy starting on Monday! This is going to be so so cool and a great addition to anyone's training whether you see me in person or virtually.

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