Adele is a Pro Dog Trainer who specialises in games based training.

I use concepts such as proximity, confidence, grit and optimism which make up part of their personality to train the dogs. For example, proximity games which help with your dog wanting to stay close to you will improve behaviours like pulling on a lead, going too far ahead on your walks, no/limited recall, or chasing anything that moves. The list goes on! We will grow a dog that wants to work for you, has desire to be with you and this is all through the power of games. You will end up being the best thing in your dog's life and environment, not the other dog in the park, not the squirrel that's just ran across your path and not the exciting rabbit with an enticing bushy tail. 



  •  Personal dog training from £50 

With the personal dog training package, Adele will be able to understand your dog’s personality and see which areas need to grow and develop. You will obtain a greater understanding of why your dog behaves in the way he does. You will have an action plan to follow that will help you work towards your goals. Adele runs her personal dog training sessions on a three weekly basis as this gives you the time to implement her management strategies and incorporate her recommended strategies into your life. 

Please note that for some behaviour struggles like reactivity more than one session will be required, this will be discussed in your initial phone consultation (£65 for your initial consultation)


Life skills is an excellent opportunity to learn about games based training and put this into practice! We will be covering various concepts every week which will skill up you and your dog. Life skills is a great class to jump into after the puppy program or if you want to top up your training or find a new exciting way to train and have fun with your dog! 

Concepts that are covered 


Focus- a dog that listens and responds to you in exciting & distracting environments. We need our dogs to be solution seeking optimists who love their reinforcement rich lives.

Boundary training- a life skill that in the face of excitement (e.g. visitors) they can listen and show self-control. These are especially important in multi-dog households!

Positive pairings- build confidence and make novelty normal. So crucial for a happy dog!

Leash off, game on- build a great relationship and off leash confidence

Play- the value & importance of play 💜

Confidence- a confident dog will be ok with novel and ambiguous situations. Life can be very hard when your dog lacks confidence

GrrrrrRIT- to have determination and desire to keep trying and keep going even when there is little or no reinforcement given


Proximity- your dog will LOVE being close to you

Fitness fun- helps with fitness and posture with the added benefit of boosting your relationship.

Recall- achieving the dream... a dog that returns when called no matter what!



Life skill classes run on a Thursday at 5:30-6:30pm (all classes are on Zoom) 

You and your furry friend will have the opportunity to work through games to achieve your bronze, silver & gold awards!

Each class is £15

Membership options are available

In person- Please note that dogs who struggle with other dogs or people will not be able to attend however a personal plan or a different class may be more





This program is for owners who want their puppy to grow and develop into a dog who can engage, focus and be confident in different environments. Getting a puppy is the most exciting and fun experience however there can be challenges such as puppy biting. This program will equip you for the ups and downs of puppyhood. 

You will get tips and advice on:

Boundary training- we highly recommend using a crate to develop a safe, happy place for your dog. This helps with toilet training, preventing separation anxiety and a place for your dog to be calm. Adele loves to mix up boundaries, you never know when you need to pop your dog on a safe spot to get them into a safe area. 

Puppy biting- ohhh this can hurt! Puppies biting is totally normal, this program will equip you in what to do to stop him biting.

Loose leash walking- we will develop focus on us so that your puppy will want to stay by you and not pull to see other things.

Recall- through games, recall will be effortless, and your puppy will find you the most exciting thing in his environment. 

Socialisation- Adele is a firm believer of promoting engagement and focus on owners whilst allowing puppies to meet other dogs in a safe and limited way. There is a fine line between having too much socialisation and not enough. 

Handling and grooming- Adele was a dog groomer so she can provide you with grooming tips that will equip you and your puppy for their first puppy groom. This part of the course is also super important for vet visits. 

The Puppy program is a 6 week program. Classes run on a Monday & Tuesday at 5:30-6:30pm.

The investment for the Puppy Program is £72 for the 6 sessions. You will be set homework at the end of every session for you to try out between each session. There are chances to win prizes throughout and upon completion you get a fantastic reward! 


This is online at the minute- talk through walking scenarios, discuss SOS cards, teach your dog engagement & to disengage from certain things in their environment.

Take your training outside. Bringing real life distractions to Adele’s indoor training. Experience how Adele incorporates her games on her walks to build a focused, engaged, confident dog. See how simple but effective games can renovate your stressful walks to a happier walk. Receive strategies and advice on your walk!


These walks will be in different locations in Northumberland for example, woods, beach walks, river walks, street walks. Each walk is £15 (included in the membership)

All dogs must be on long lines.

 Doggy bootcamp is on a Sunday at 10:00am



  • Online training Consults - £50

This is a great option for when you can't leave the house or you find yourself too far away but you are in need of dog training. You will be sent a welcome pack which will have a form to fill in to obtain more details around your behaviour struggles. A video call will then be arranged. Your struggles will be discussed, we will go through some training strategies and games that can help with your struggles. You will have access to a private training group with many videoed training strategies to remind yourself how to play the games! A training plan and check ins are also included. 

  • Online puppy program - £50 


Need to take puppy training at your own pace? Can’t get to class? Is a class environment not for your puppy? 

I offer a four- week puppy program online to set you and your puppy off. Start your life together in the right way! We will build skills around confidence, focus, recall and relationship and calmness and control. There are 30 tutorials for you and your pup to work through at your own pace. You will be added to a private facebook group for any support or questions you may want to ask. You will receive a Puppy Power eBook covering typical puppy struggles like house training, biting and socialisation. 

  • Online life skills program- 10 weeks £150

Is your dog barking excessively? Does he jump up at the counters? Does he have selective hearing? Does he know the word calm?

The life skills program is an amazing advancement for those that have just finished the puppy program either online or in-person. We will build and develop a dog that will want to focus on you on walks, is able to cope and be ok with ambiguous and novel situations, have a happy, calm dog when visitors come round and have an amazing bounce back recall. There are 35 tutorials for you and your pup to work through at your own pace. You will be added to a private facebook group for any support or questions you may want to ask. You will receive access to the Student Vault which has some amazing resources!