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There is a 6 week puppy course or 1-2-1 options for your puppies.

The 6 week course will take you through a journey from knowing how to grow the best recall, to engaging with your dog, knowing how to get them working with you so you can have a calm, self controlled happy puppy! This is a class environment with the option of adding a 1-2-1 for half price (£25) at either the beginning, middle or end of your 6 week journey. 

Why would you do this? 

At the beginning? To give you tips, strategies on bringing your bundle of joy home and your first week with your puppy. 

In the middle? Struggling a bit more with something and need greater attention to say recall.

At the end? We can go on a walk and produce a transformational plan for going forward. 


Prefer 1-2-1s that is fine! You can book the 1-2-1 package (4x 1-2-1). You will have a tailored plan to work through and this will be personalised to you and your puppy. This can include a pre-puppy visit. 

After your puppy course and/or 1-2-1s you can advance onto our Puppy Progression class that will keep your training up to date and get you through the adolescence stage of development!



Do you want to start dog training? Want to have a better relationship with your dog? Has your dog suddenly stopped listening? Have they started barking? Are they pulling your arm off? Welcome to games based training.

Through any of our adult classes (Life Skills, Confident K9, Walk with Me, Puppy Progression) you will learn how to understand your dog and use their drive for the environment for your advantage rather than against you. 

Learn how to get engagement from your dog, find the games that you both love to play, grow a dog that can stay focused and on task even in the face of distractions. 

Do you have a dog that struggles with distractions such as cars, people or dogs? Then Reshaping Reactivity class is just for you. Scared that your don't won't cope- don't worry we use our cars as visual barriers until you and your dog are ready for distractions.   




Do you want to do something a little different with your dog?

Any of our 'skill' classes (Super sniffers, Mantrailing or Agility) you can work on your dog's natural ability of wanting to work for you.

My client's love these classes to grow an extra special bond with their dogs and to see the enjoyment out of each class whether their dog is finding a certain scent or has just learnt to wrap around a wing. With each class you and your dog will not look back- you will become addicted!


Can't make it every week? Would you like to boost your knowledge in a certain area?

Then workshops and courses are the way to go.

We offer various workshops and courses such as Loose lead walking, Growing your dog's confidence, Disengagement, Tunnel Drive, Distance Handling and many more! 

We have also just started Activity holidays which run in the school holidays, where you can either attend all three days or come for the day. The holidays are a super fun way to boost your training goals and try out different activity such as Mantrailing.