Adele is a Pro Dog Trainer who specialises in games based training.

At Adele's Dashing Dogs we use concepts such as proximity, confidence, grit and optimism to train our dogs. For example, proximity games which help with your dog wanting to stay close to you will improve behaviours like pulling on a lead, going too far ahead on your walks, no/limited recall, or chasing anything that moves. The list goes on! We will develop a dog that wants to work for you and has desire to be with you - all through the power of games. You will become the most interesting thing in your dog's life and environment, not the other dog in the park, not the squirrel that crosses your path and not the exciting rabbit with an enticing bushy tail. 

Our Services

  • An excellent opportunity to train any age dog

  • Game on! You've excelled from Bronze now lets add the distractions