It's time to get our dog's natural, strongest sense working for us! 

 We will help turn your dog’s nose on and harness the power of scent, all through a variety of games. From searches you can do at home to out and about tracking, We will make sure your sessions are full of fun, we know that you can unlock scent to help turn your dog into a beautifully well-mannered pet. 



When we first start, we use Sweet Birch Scent. Only when the dog understands what they are searching for do we add in other scents. 

At the start we really want to build drive for the search- that is so important so the dog can stay driven and focused on the search.


We like to start with easy searches that will set your dog up to win! When we allow our dogs to win, the drive increases.

As we move through the training our scent article will change form and the searches will increase in difficulty. It's amazing what focusing on the foundation skills of scent will do when your searches become harder.



Not only does scent work physically tire a dog but it also engages their brain. During searches the dogs are using a large part of their brain. Most dogs after a scent session will be able to relax. We love teaching this to all dogs in particular dogs that struggle with calmness. 


By coming to Scent Work classes and signing up to the Membership Package you receive:

Regular homework and overview of class in a whatsapp group

Progress along with other students in the class

Periodic planning and goal setting

Discounts on certain workshops

Free access to Back to Basics- our monthly 2 hour class!

Last but not least, you will have access to our amazing Adele’s Dashing Dogs facebook group, which is a private group. Here you can ask questions, receive useful tips and post your progress videos here.